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7 Steps to kickstart January

Out with the old in with the Shilajit !
January is all about starting fresh and this month is a firm favourite for us to start a detox, diet and exercise challenge in an attempt to lose all of those Festive season calories and rid our systems of those boozey blues. We all tend to overindulge, as a reward to self at the end the year. I know I did !
Where to start? Start with a detox. You should always check with your physician before taking on any sort of regime, especially if you are currently taking any prescription or OTC medications.
You want to plan ahead. This includes your meals for the week ahead and or any exercise and meditation you may wish to indulge in. Purchasing a pretty journal to record what you eat and how you feel is a great way to keep on top of your new lifestyle choice.
I hope to encourage some of our readers to share their New Years resolution progress in the form of a journal entry, achievement, photo or video. One fortunate sharer will have the opportunity for their story / photo to be featured in our next newsletter by simply emailing shop@hempbotanics.com 
Step 1:    DETOX
Dry brushing is a physical form of detox and is exactly as it sounds. Using a bathing brush, before you climb into the shower or bath Brush in upwards strokes towards the heart, starting at the feet and working your way up. Your strokes should be consistent and not too hard. There are many considered benefits to dry brushing
Helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and help the body detoxify itself naturally.
Helps loosen and remove dead skin cells, naturally exfoliating skin
Regular dry brushing greatly helps cellulite
Natural energy boost (recommend dry brushing in the morning)
Clean pores (& smaller pores)
I use a firm, natural bristle brush with a handle, which allows me to reach my entire back and easily brush the bottoms of my feet and the back of my legs.
You should start your dry brushing simultaneous to your detox to support better results. If you’re serious you’ll make the effort and you'll be glad that you did !
(Choose from 4 flavours, beautifully handcrafted soaps by, the Sisters of the Valley to gently and naturally cleanse and rejuvenate your entire body).
For the detox drink, I am using Shilajit Nutri-honey straws mostly down to convenience. I just pack a couple of straws in my wash bag for the day.  My preferred time for taking my Nutri-honey stick is in the morning with my breakfast and again in the evening a few hours before bed in a cup of herbal tea. I can now add a spoon of Colorado (full spectrum) Hemp Honey to my drink.
You can read more about Natural Shilajit Nutri-honey here
The full range of Natural Shilajit is batch tested in a qualified third party laboratory to prove the reduced heavy metal content. Something very rare for Shilajit. We discovered there are a lot of providers of Shilajit but only a couple we found reduce the metals and prove it. That means other Shilajit is laced with heavy metals. Real, true Shilajit dissolves entirely when mixed in water. The great thing is that our manufacturer and supplier is dedicated to transparency, sustainability and quality. 
Hemp Botanics are stockists of Natural Shilajit Nutri-honey straws, natural Shilajit resin 15g and gardening solution 150g. We also have our first wave delivery from Colorado Full Spectrum Hemp Honey. There are 4 flavour options. At present natural flavour is the only flavour option available online and on our shelves to purchase. The rest of the flavours are coming soon and include: Mandarin Magic, Lemon Aid and Ginger Snap. 
Coming soon: Natural Shilajit Powder (Low Temp) 100 grams.  This is simply Natural Shilajit resin ran through a brand new, revolutionary Low-Temp process that preserves ALL original enzymes since it does not exceed temperatures of 60C, unlike other Shilajit Powder on the market.
One can consume Shilajit up to three times daily and a detox regime can take place over 6 weeks.
If you choose not to detox or you feel a little run down from the detox, or you have come to the end of your 6 weeks detox you should start taking full spectrum hemp oil coupled with strain specific terpenes for day and night use that I talk about in step 4.
Pure Ratios CBD salve
Depending on your budget you may choose to alternate your moisturiser with something like hemp seed oil, olive oil or coconut oil. Source a brand that offers transparency in their supply chain with least processing.
Hemp Botanics recently added CBDistillery range of products to our shelves and rightly so, CBDol topical contains 500mg of full spectrum cannabinoids and was just named in the top 10 topical products for 2017, by High Times magazine. You can enjoy 20% off in the January sale and definitely worth considering when you're getting a whopping 500mg in your topical !
CBDol is a salve. Whilst a little sticky in consistency it massages into and is absorbed by the skin beautifully and a little goes a long way.
Tips when moistourising
Start at your feet and work your way up. Upwards strokes and or clockwise motion. Remember to massage your topical into your skin. If you are unsure how long for exactly, you can count ten strokes for each section before moving on.
Highly suggested if you have the time and budget
Lymphatic drainage massage or heated castor oil detox pack
Reflexology (feet and face)
*The lymphatic drainage system cleanses the fluid that surrounds your cells in your body removing impurities and waste products. This in turn will help cells in the body function properly. 
If you enjoy your own company, have a smaller budget and or prefer to identify with your own body, you can also check out Pinterest and or YouTube for some self help videos on the above two treatments.
Personally, I self massage daily !
The most important thing to consider is, the QUALITY of your drinking water and that in which you bathe, especially if you enjoy a good soak in the tub since our skin is our largest organ and absorbs all the impurities that tap water has to offer.
There are conflicting stories regarding water quality. I have a keen interest in the quality of water, yet my partner was the one who purchased me my first table top distillation unit back in 2013. Today, I am still using the same unit to distill my water and probably the best £200 he could have spent. 
Did you know the water companies only test for 20 chemicals hence only reporting on 20! Multiple, independent studies have proven there are well over, a whopping 200 manmade chemicals floating inside our water that we ingest daily. If you can imagine the inside of a kettle that has limescale built up inside? Now imagine your insides!!!! 
We are mostly made up of water. 70% (as adults) to be precise which suggests the quality of our water is beyond super important.
Whilst it would be amazing to drink and bathe in fresh (living) spring water, this is not an option for most. The next best thing would be to have access to either: 
A). Distilled water (you can add enzymes back into your water with a pinch of ethically sourced pink Himalayan rock salt or a spoon of molasses).
B). Purified, alkaline water 
The above water sources offer excellent oxygen parts per million as we all know that the best state is that of one oxygen rich !
Interestingly, researchers hypothesised that drinking water could improve students ‘thinking and/or help students stay calm and quell their anxiety - both of which could hinder their test performance.
Water helps to keep the skin supple, helps cleanse the body inside an out, helps prevent dry mouth, promotes cardiovascular health and supports muscle and joints functionality.
This is an important one. Hemp is a lifestyle not a bandaid and you do not need to be ill to consider taking it. We, (all mammals) have an endocannabinoid system. Whilst our bodies produce their own cannabinoids internally, we can deplete our system of these. This can / has occurred as a result of hemp being removed from our food supply chain as well as external environmental factors.
We can restore our endocannabinoid systems by consuming cannabinoids produced by the hemp (low thc cannabis) in an attempt to achieve internal homeostasis. You can read more about your endocannabinoid system here
If you are new to CBD you may wish to contact our store for further information. Where you have already carried out your own research and consulted with your certified practitioner regarding your new lifestyle choice it is key to decide on your delivery method!
Delivery method is the way in which you take your hemp. i.e. orally, topically, transdermal, vaped, or otherwise. 
For the most part consumers take hemp in an oil form as they are able to adjust their serving size according to their needs and we have many endocannabinid receptors under the tongue making it ideal for absorption before contending with digestion and just how well your body absorbs!
Everybody is in the same boat here. I was 5 years ago and I look at how far I have come !
Dosage is not something we at Hemp Botanics can offer you. All of our products are available with serving suggestions and further to this we can offer the following:  
Using an oil (held sublingually under the tongue 30 seconds - 1 minute before swallowing) is ideal as
Consider your first month as trial and error (not everyone can afford it and or it is not a lifestyle choice that suits everyone)
You should take your hemp oil religiously for the first 3-4 weeks before making a decision to carry on or not. 
It is highly suggested that you start flooding your system with the oil for the first three weeks by taking a large serving daily before tapering off your serving in your 4th week and paying attention to how you feel before adjusting your serving size again to accommodate your needs. (Flooding and then tapering is the quickest way to identify your ideal serving size)
If you do not wish to flood your system and you simply want to gauge how much is, ‘enough’ for you’ I would suggest taking a ‘regular’ serving one evening and a very large serving on the second evening to ascertain if you feel anything. Allow up to 60 seconds for the product to reach your endocannabinoid system.
If you have a very productive and or busy day life you can do one of two things. You can take smaller more consistent servings in the daytime. (Where you cannot pull the oil out during the day I would suggest applying a 96 hour waterproof Pure Ratios slow release transdermal patch, or True Terpenes as featured on the recent Viceland series, Bong Appetit for day time use and your hemp extract in the evening.
Terpenes are hydrocarbons present in all plant life. This includes your lettuce and tomatoes. They provide us with the smell and flavour profile for all plant life. We can therefore extract isolated compounds and then using a formula to mimic the smell profile of a cannabis strain we can offer steam distilled, food grade, terpenes that act as gentle mood enhancers (similar to that of aromatherapy but you can ingest this). 
The most effective way we have found to consume terpenes are in a glass of water. 
Handy tip:
What can you expect if you take a very large serving of cannabinoid rich hemp? (Bearing in mind there is no unsafe serving. YOU CANNOT OVERDOSE ON ethically sourced, CANNABINOID RICH HEMP).
You can feel internal bliss from the shoulders down. You retain mental clarity and your internal racing will be slowed down, ‘to the present tense’. You could say, you feel wrapped in cottonwool. This is what internal homeostasis ‘feels’ like and nothing external can change and or disrupt this ! 
Imagine rush hour traffic, highly pressured working environments with tight deadlines and or colleagues that make every day an internal struggle and challenge suddenly becoming bearable ! 
Eating a balanced diet is key but also the quality of what you buy is so important. If you are serious about the quality of products you purchase, those with the most importance and or investment should be those we put inside our body. Everything starts at nutrition. (Think of your body as a car / vessel. It requires TLC and constant checking and servicing).
I have been through many changes diet wise but its all part of the self discovery and knowledge seeking journey that should be empowering and enjoyable. The key... Do things at a pace comfortable to you but equally do not procrastinate, blame the rest of the world for having to look after your internal health when you are essentially, ‘the captain of your own ship’ and have free choice. This is the true beauty and gift of life. Take advantage of it in the best possible way.
Small steps: 
Look for gluten free, wheat free, dairy free options
Ensure your fruit and veg are organic (especially soft skin or use a cheat sheet and rinse your produce in charcoal water)
Try to eat more fresh produce than processed
Save cheat and or binge days for once a week indulgence and not every meal and or every day. You may have to start slow if you have a sweet tooth
Pay attention to the amount of dairy, wheat, grains and animal derived products you consume. 
Try a week a month for going vegan 
Cooking from scratch means you put all of your ‘energy’ into what you are doing. It is super important to cultivate, shop and or prepare your food in a positive mood. You may just enjoy it and the new relationship you can form with your food! 
We all need a time out where we enjoy our own company. It allows you to reflect and to plan. We are not designed to chase after time and or stuff. The world we live in is fast paced and access to social media on demand, distractions and 'things' of convenience have certainly had a massive impact on society and unfortunately, not very positive. A time out, does not mean you have to meditate. You can carry out focused breathing exercises, watching water move / flow may be a good option for, ‘zoning out'.
Gentle exercise can either be a part of what you do in your 'downtime' or it may be additional. Some enjoy slow movements where breath and muscle control are important i.e. Qigong, Yoga, etc. versus hiking or mountain biking. You are ultimately feeding your body and brain oxygen when you exercise and you practice breathing! I am sure we could all benefit from an oxygen rich environment. You might even find the most joy from a weighted hula hoop or juggling balls if you are not the cardio exercise type.
Sleep deprivation is one of the most common things along with dehydration that we tend to overlook. Lack of sleep can lead to many more serious health issues. If you do not sleep 6-8 hours it would be highly suggestible to start exercising to encourage your body to deplete itself of excess energy and anxiety, allowing it to naturally deplete itself, feed oxygen, endorphins and putting you on a healthier more positive track, inside and out ! 
I hope these 7 steps will encourage and focus our readers to kickstart January 2018 with greatest respect for self.

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