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Awaken your senses this Valentines Day with Foria Awaken celebrating intimacy tastefully

Take advantage of a 14% discount on Foria Awaken from now up to and including February 14th. You may also want to check out our competition! Entries close on the 14th of March 2018 midnight contact info@hempbotanics.com for further information or sign up to our mailing list.
Foria Wellness has finally taken a place on our shelves in store and our online shop  and we are delighted in being able to offer a natural sensual product. The ingredients making up this powerful little bottle of pleasure is absolutely scrumptious. We recently brought you Sisters of the Valley, another range created for and by the feminine divine. As we celebrate awakening our senses and minds in a gentle, yet powerful way. Free from Non toxic chemicals and or ingredients one cannot pronounce. Simply made up using what nature has gratefully made available to us for centuries.  
Celebrate your Valentine with a 30ml bottle of Foria Awaken. Now available for delivery throughout London with on demand courier, Quiqup !
Below is a closer look at Foria, the Company, the synergistic ingredients list and uses for
Foria Wellness is committed to promoting well-being, especially with respect to people’s experience of intimacy, by creating products that enhance natural, sensual pleasures.  FORIA harnesses the complex powers of cannabinoids and all natural botanicals to create potent “aphrodisiacs” and products, thoughtfully designed for both women and men.


Cannabis has a long history as an aphrodisiac and this open secret was the initial inspiration behind FORIA Pleasure, the world’s first THC-infused sensual oil. Launched 4 years ago there were over 20 approved drugs for male sexual enhancement and zero for women, they set out to change that with the creation and launch of FORIA Pleasure.

FORIA Pleasure has received more independent product reviews than perhaps any other individual product in the cannabis industry with glowing reviews from GQ to COSMOPOLITAN,  PopSugar to VICE. Their user feedback coupled with these powerful testimonials inspired them to develop FORIA Relief, a first of it's kind suppository designed specifically to diminish menstrual discomfort, and FORIA Explore their rectal suppository, both specially formulated with CBD to enhance relaxation and ease.

While these formulas have proven to be remarkably effective the availability of FORIA products has been limited to individuals with medical or recreational cannabis rights.

In order to bring the power of FORIA to individuals everywhere, they have been hard at work developing a new line of pleasure products, blending synergistic terpenes and other active organic botanicals with full-spectrum Cannabinoids from Kava Root, Cacao & organically-grown Colorado Hemp with nothing else added. 

Their extensive R&D process has resulted in FORIA Awaken, the world’s first all natural sensual enhancement oil formulated with Cannabinoids blended with the most revered botanical of the South Pacific: Kava Kava root along with other beneficial organic plants and herbs known for their unique intimacy enhancing properties.

The effects are delightfully similar to those of FORIA Pleasure. The major difference is that you can purchase and travel with FORIA Awaken, no matter where you live. Now, women and their partners around the world can experience the potent pleasure and power of FORIA products.

Let’s take a closer look at Foria Awaken synergistic ingredients list


Kava Kava: The Crown Jewel

Kava Kava is one of Mother Nature’s greatest discovered herbs,  which have been treasured throughout the South Pacific for millennia for it's intimacy enhancing properties.

Traditionally consumed in community at the end of a hard day, Kava creates a deeply nourishing state of bliss, unwinding both physical tension, social anxiety, and creative blocks. Kava is often added to topical preparations for releasing muscle spasms, soothing pain, and even protecting against fungal imbalance.

Kava is full of compounds called kavalactones; one kavalactone called yangonin interacts directly with the CB1 receptor which is predominant in the central nervous system. 

Our respect for Kava’s many traditional uses led us to explore its powers in this synergistic blend, and the delightful results prove Mother Nature’s genius at creating healing and pleasure.


Theobroma cacao, literally translated as “cacao, food of the gods,” is a superfood that contains many therapeutic properties. Cacao contains several of different “happy brain” chemicals such as theobrominephenylethylamine, tryptophan, and anandamide.

Cacao is rich in anandamide (uh-non-da-mide), an endocannabinoid that is naturally produced in the human brain; it regulates mood, memory, appetite, and pain perception. Anandamide is known as the “bliss” neurotransmitter because it causes a euphoric “high” when released — it is often called the body’s natural version of THC.

Plant-derived anandamide (as found in cacao) lingers in the body, drawing out the joyful feeling longer than your average runner’s high. Cacao and cannabis are the only known plants containing compounds that connect into certain receptor sites in the human brain in a “lock & key” system.

Natural Terpenes

Your first time trying Awaken, the enticing aromas of real Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Peppermint, Vanilla, and Cacao will enliven your senses. But they do more than excite.

This fragrant formulation contains tried-and-true natural remedies with a perfect balance of soothing and stimulating effects: the ideal combinations of essential oils & botanical extracts to enhance your body’s natural relaxation response while stimulating blood flow and heightened sensation. 

Please visit us in store for more information. We are on Portobello Road Notting hill London W10 5TD (We are a boutique shop in the Basement of 297 Portobello. Use the Portobello Juice Cafes main entrance to access our store downstairs). If you require disabled access call the store upon arrival and we will serve you at street level.
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