Hemp Botanics strikes a pose in Vogue with top model, Daniela Kocianova

Her skin is smooth and milky, her eyes are bright and alive. A ray of sunshine and health. Meet Top model, Daniela Kocianova


Daniela Kocianova who talks about being vegan and consuming Endowater, a beautifully structured water containing 10mg of CBD available exclusive retail and wholesale from Hemp Botanics - Portobello Road, London



Vegan diaries Daniela Kocianova: Why drink water with cannabis extract

Topmodel Daniela Kocian, each Tuesday, is sharing new discoveries from the vegan world, at least worth seeing. Today is served: ENDO water.
It's hard to imagine a day in the skin of Daniela Kocian, the top model of Elite Prague. As far as I know, she worked in London London for the past few days, where she currently lives, but also Paris, Milan, Beijing, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Marrakech and Lake Como. I think he has a teleport.
One day I see her on the Instagram in a glamorous dress from the haute couture of the Givenchy collection, the other is in her cool sunglasses. "Vintage," it deprets me when I ask where they are from. "Like all my glasses." Of course. She knows what is good, and she likes to share it. Its @daniela_kocianova instagram account works like a daily source of fun and tips that you can be sure you will not disappoint. No flat product placement, no boredom. Only 100% of Daniela.
This is why we have asked her to make a taboo for Vogue every week, which still represents vegans. Daniela knows something about eating well. "I do not want to convince anyone that she must be a vegan," he says. "But it is good to think about what we have on a plate. It's not about calories or weight. It's about health and also about being at least somewhat sustainable. "
Daniela today presents: ENDO water



Endo water is a sugar-free drink, has a balanced pH and contains a CBD cannabis extract. Why should we care?
Cannabinoids are substances that occur in nature only in cannabis plants. The most important cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), CBN (cannabinol) and CBC (kanabichromen). Our body produces endocannabinoids that bind to cannabinoid receptors that have beneficial effects on the human body. The endocannabinoid system is important for many basic functions of the human body, such as metabolism, food digestion, pain, sleep, memory, mood, or response to inflammation. The sick body is largely the result of the body's inability to balance, and that is why the role of the endocannabinoid system and its maintenance in the balance is important.
This water contains only CBD extract, which is legal in the Czech Republic and is not psychoactive in the same way as THC. In addition to ENDO water I use CBD oils when I'm busy working. They help me with insomnia and stress. A couple of weeks ago I had a difficult time when I spent my time either on a plane or on a photo shoot and I was very tired, irritated and stressed.
After drinking half of this bottle, my mood almost instantly improved and I did not see everything so black. I even smiled at the passers-by at the airport, which I normally do not do.
If you can not believe me, it's okay, but I would ask you to explore at least the internet and make your own opinion. It would be a shame to think that hemp is just a bad drug without any positive effects on the human body.
And back to the beverage available at the Hemp Botanics stores in London. Endo is produced in America, it has an organic composition and is made in flavors of lemon & lime, acai berry, melon and cucumber, which is my favorite. Cheers!
ENDO water is available on Hemp Botanics.


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