Extract Labs 0.5mL carts discontinuation What our customers can expect

You may have noticed that the much sought after, Extract Labs strain-specific broad spectrum pre-filled 0.5mL cartridges are showing out of stock. This is because our supplier has decided to phase out 0.5mL carts and only offer 1mL pre-filled cartridges. Since the law on CBD products differs between the UK and USA, the only available options contain levels of controlled substances that are too high for the UK. We do have a few broad-spectrum options we are able to consider, these options are still pending availability in 1mL cartridges. As soon as they are we will be sure to stock up and tell you all about it.

Kindly note, there will not be a wide variety available in the form of broad-spectrum pre-filled cartridges from Extract Labs and whilst this list may change, so far it looks like the following 4 strains may be possible:

  • Guava Jam
  • God’s Gift 
  • Blue Dream 
  • El Jefe

We take the legwork out of legal. 

Hemp Botanics always review the COA’s (Certificate of Authenticity/labs), before committing to purchasing since each new batch is subject to nature which will result in varying levels of cannabinoids being present each time a hemp harvest is processed. This may result in some strains being temporarily unavailable depending on the test results for cannabinoid profile from said harvest, dictating whether we can stock them or not.

We apologise for the break in supply. Please rest assured we have managed to reorder 2 strains for now: God’s Gift and Blue Dream and we anticipate restocking these within a week and a half. If you are keen to know when we restock these strains, you can sign up to restock notifications on our e-commerce site. Click here for Blue Dream and for God’s Gift here, you will be able to sign up to restock notifications.

If you need help choosing the right delivery method or brand of product you are welcome to take advantage of our free 20-minute consultation with a Senior Advisor. Click here to book online today and let us support your wellness goals.
April 06, 2022 — Roshie Rahrow