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The return of some sought after full spectrum product

You might have noticed the return of CBD hemp in herbal form towards the end of 2021? This is the first of our full spectrum products to return. It is of course a little annoying for us that we are restricted to 0.1% (1mg), of THC or less per container, making it less than ideal since most customers would like to purchase more than just 1g. Rest assured we have created discounts for multi-pack purchases but we regret the packaging style is dictated by legislation.


We have sourced our CBD hemp from indoor cultivars in Oregon, USA. We will only ever offer regulated and tested hemp strains from the USA. This is based on their market evolving to offer domestic and not just industrial strains grown under license as well USA are permitted to work with the aerial parts of the plant whereas Europe is not. In Europe farmers have been subjected to outdated laws that are focused on industrial use only and this is rather evident from the end result out of Europe. For example the yield of CBD from a European crop is 2-3, maybe 4% maximum, whereas the USA boasts anything from 12-20%. That is massively different. The terpene profile from USA cultivars appears to trump European strains. The same goes for flavour and appearance.


The CBD/Hemp movement was something that we brought to UK market in 2016 that has since seen much upheaval, misinformation and money hungry retailers who do not necessarily realise the negative impact for providing a product you are not passionate enough about to understand and or explain with transparency. There is now a fair amount of mistrust since some retailers are not honest about what they are actually selling. I will not say for sure they are doing this deliberately but that is the difference between buying online from a retailer who does not have a return address, only a PO Box, does not have a store front and cannot provide relevant COA’s to prove the cannabinoid profile.


One of the most important elements is the level of THC within a single container / packet, cannot exceed 0.1%. Most retailers are offering product containing 0.2% per gram and long terms this would be unadvisable. Additionally, retailers sell their CBD/ hemp in containers that hold more than 1g which will result in their product exceeding the 0.1% THC limitation. Some retailers still claim to be selling Hemp tea as another tactic to get around being able to sell CBD Hemp and simply sell the product by grinding it up. This step however is not a productive one that I would suggest since the UK introduced Novel foods / marketing authorisation on all products sold as ingestible. New product applications will prevent the product being retailed until the appropriate marketing authorisation has been granted which could take months, maybe even years and if the product is 0.2% in THC per gram it would unfortunately not meet the legal requirements of a very costly application.


Combusting  / vaping CBD hemp is what we call a, direct delivery method. The cannabinoids are delivered directly to the bloodstream and the terpenes will elevate your mood simultaneously by interacting with your hippocampus, vanilloid receptor and serotonin receptor. This will not result in intoxication but instead it helps elevate your mood whilst experiencing a pleasant body high or like we like to refer, homeostasis. You remain functional, alert and comfortable in your own skin. This form of delivery tends to be the fastest acting and most bioavailable for experiencing CBD but it is also shorter lived and you are smoking at the end of the day. We always encourage taking CBD in the form of an oil primarily if you are looking to take CBD regularly. The effects are lesser in lower serving sizes but give more cover 4-6 hours, plus the product works through your digestive tract which is ideal. You can read more about your endocannabinoid system here.


So, if you are looking for consistent quality and information on products, delivery methods and what you can and cannot buy legitimately we urge you to head on over to Hemp Botanics. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, passion and consideration for our consumers because for us it is simple, people over profits.


Perhaps you are looking to try CBD hemp for the first and need a little guidance why not take advantage of our free 20 minute consultation with a Senior Consultant. You can book online here or call us in store to see if we are free to take a call. We would love the opportunity to support your wellness goals and knowledge.


If you are interested in stocking CBD hemp in your store then get in touch with us today wholesale@hempbotanicsws.com


April 11, 2022 — Lisa-Marie Marais