How to Choose the Right CBD Extract

Commitment to Quality without Compromise 

We strongly believe in the properties of Hemp and Cannabis and strive to make it safe and accessible for everyone.

All hemp products available from Hemp Botanics are third-party laboratory tested to determine their cannabinoid profile and hemp extract potency. These include full tests for safety and contaminants. This ensures that every batch meets our strict standards for quality and consistency. By conducting accurate, third-party tests, we can substantiate the volume of CBD printed on our product labels, as well as provide clear ingredient lists and suggested usage information.

Our quality control consistently exceeds current market standards, and we can provide a laboratory report for each product by batch number/ID, so you know you will always receive what is advertised on the label. Rest assured, Hemp Botanics will provide you with tested, credible products of consistent quality.

Validate the profile and potency of your Hemp CBD product/s at Hemp Botanics. Access Quality Control here

  • In January 2014 our founders became the first people to pioneer the UK CBD industry and to offer genuine laboratory tested CBD products for sale outside of America
  • In August 2015 they became the first people since prohibition to successfully, commercially ship American grown, domestic Hemp derived cannabinoid products outside of the US, legally to the UK and then globally. This massive achievement then lead on to them both paving the way as true pioneers in the UK Hemp/CBD industry by opening the global market for these US derived Hemp products

We are living in an age where CBD is so readily available that the integrity and ethics of many resellers is overlooked, yet is genuinely questionable, thus has a seriously negative impact on consumers looking to make a lifestyle investment. Therefore we believe in the importance of educating our customers to allow them to make an informed decision.

You can request a non-medical consultation at Hemp Botanics. Contact our customer care team today to enquire or read more here

Hemp CBD products are largely being offered as ingestible products, however there are several other delivery methods available. Regardless of delivery method, we will not fail to overlook compliance, safety and cleanliness.

You will not find any PG or PEG in our vape lines. Our tea bags are biodegradable and chlorine free. Our carrier oils in our CBD drops and vapes are all ethically sourced, distilled, MCT oil (liquid coconut oil). 

We only work with partners who offer the same transparency that we do and appear to be making an effort in considering our planet through their practices. We are big fans of regenerative farming methods, certified and documented processes and taking into consideration what is sustainable opposed to what is trending. Hemp Botanics loves to give back where we can and if you keep your eyes peeled we have some exciting programmes that we are working on to make available to you this Summer!


Here are some points to consider EVERY TIME you purchase a new CBD branded product:

Always consult your general practitioner and or prescribing consultant before starting a new supplement program.  Over the counter Hemp products are not medicinal and cannot be endorsed this way.

  • No company can offer you medical advice and or medical dosage for a Hemp CBD product 
  • Once you have established with your medical consultant that you are okay to take a Hemp CBD product in the form of a dietary supplement you should start looking for products that come with verifiable third party laboratory analysis
  • Have you understood the different delivery methods a brand / shop has to offer?
  • Can you verify that your product is full spectrum, broad spectrum or THC free?
  • Are the ingredients listed in full?
  • Can you read the milligram strength per serving?
  • Are you able to speak to someone about your product and get the answers you are looking for?

The above are important and necessary factors to consider when you are looking for a safe, tested product derived from a validated source of regulated, legal and non-intoxicating domestic, Industrial Hemp.

“We set the standards for this industry very high because it was easy to do. Any company not able or willing to meet the minimum standards really have no excuse. Every resource is available in order to produce the cleanest safest product possible, so why would you choose not to?” – Founder, Nicolas Ellis, 2015

We refuse to jeopardise your health, our health or Hemp Botanics' reputation by selling anything that is grown with chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones of any kind. We ensure that all products meet our extremely high standards of quality, safety and value.

Hemp Botanics does not sell, distribute or manufacture any product that contravenes the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act 1971’

July 18, 2019 — Lisa-Marie Marais