International Women's Day | Ramona Chesoi

Ramona Chesoi has joined us here at Hemp Botanics to celebrate International Women's Day 2022. Ramona was our account manager at Extract Labs. Lisa describes Ramona as humble and hardworking. She later went on to become an independent cannabis and hemp consultant/grower. Ramona also has a streetwear company called Dabdis. Look below or listen here to see why Ramona Chesoi is one of our inspirations. 

Lisa-Marie: Hello, Ramona thank you so very much for joining us this international women's day 2022 it's such a pleasure to have you on board. Please can you start by introducing yourself to our wonderful listeners?

Ramona: Yes, hello Lisa, happy to connect. Hope you’re having a great day. To the listeners, my name is, Ramona Chesoi, out here from the beautiful state of, Colorado. I am independent cannabis and hemp consultant and grower. I own and operate my own streetwear company, Dabdis and am also an ambassador for Vital You products. Overall just here to encourage you to know women to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship.

Lisa-Marie: Thank you, Ramona, you have always been one for wearing more than one hat. It just makes me smile. You are so humble and kind and hardworking. Just so pleased to have you here. Thank you next question is how did you decide when to establish your company, what got you going? 

Ramona: Well, I decided, it all started when, with my passion for cannabis and it that came after I took some classes in Denver through Oaksterdam University. It was during the cultivation seminar that I fell in love with the plant and learned all the potential medical uses. This inspired my overall move from the State of North Dakota to Colorado. I wanted to pursue my dreams in cultivation. It was shortly after working in the cannabis industry that I started working for one of the highest-rated CBD companies out of Boulder Colorado. Working in the hemp industry after about 3 to 4 years overall motivated my business and entrepreneurship venture. That is when I decided I wanted to launch Dabdis LLC and you know I kinda resigned from the CBD and hemp industry. I wanted to do something that made me feel good and I wanted to make others feel good. I wanted individuals, especially women to feel confident and empowered in what they are wearing and representing.

Lisa-Marie: Thank you very much for that heartwarming introduction !! You were such a great account manager at Extract Labs for us but also witnessed you being true to yourself and your calling. I think one of the many reasons we have connected so well was due to understanding that we are human beings beyond the corporations/companies we represent. So once you decided how to establish your company, how did you actually physically make that happen? How did you start your business?

Ramona: Well, the first thing I did was contact an old friend, I was like hey Danielle, I need your help. I have all these ideas and sketches and drawing but I need them on clothing items. I really just didn’t know how to implement something that was on paper you know into the digital world, but, you know, it was as if she could read my mind. I had my first design printed within a couple of weeks. I didn’t make a profit. I just wanted my friends and family to wear something I was proud of, something that made them feel confident.

Lisa-Marie: Wow okay, you got some good friends. It says a lot when you have people who will extend themselves. What I do know about you, is that you’re accommodating, considerate and encouraging. I mean did you face any challenges that you had to overcome at the beginning of this journey that you would like to share with our listeners?

Ramona: Yes, numerous amounts of challenges but hey, nothing rewarding is easy right? I was still trying to balance consultation work with watching the business as you know profit, by all means, doesn’t just roll right off the get-go, right? So, I was completing everything as a one-woman job, marketing, sales, shipping. many long nights still have quite a few of those, as there is always something to do or always something to work on.

Lisa-Marie: Your story sounds all too familiar and I echo, I will sleep when I am dead. There is always always, something to do, haha. So my next question is do you have any leaders or people that you have looked up to on your journey that you would like to share with us?

Ramona: Absolutely, yes of course I do. One, being, Craig Henderson, CEO of Extract Labs. I’ve always looked up to his determination with my CEO failure was never an option You know I can distinctly remember one of my Christmas cards reading, ‘stay hungry.  It's like he embedded the feeling of success in me. You know, and it was also through Craig that I had met two other individuals, that inspire me on a daily, and of course, that is you Lisa and Jenna CEO and Founder of Vital You products. It’s you know the both of you care deeply about those you help and surround yourself with. It's like You know I admire the hard work that you know them, all 3 of some of the most influential people put into maintaining such a successful business.

Lisa-Marie: You are beyond generous, Ramona, thank you. Getting a bit more stuck we'd love to know if you'd like to share with us any sort of mistakes or lessons along the way that you think might be useful for anybody else trying to find their feet, their business and their purpose.

Ramona: Don’t give up! Please, Don’t give up! You know sometimes you may be on a path, but it's okay to be redirected just don’t give up until you find something you are passionate about. This may be one thing or it may be two or three. You know it's finding what brings joy to your life and how you can incorporate that into something that generates revenue. I was blessed to be able to pursue cannabis which led me to help and that is where I found my passion in helping and connecting others. From there… for my purpose in business.

Lisa-Marie: I love how you are easily able to trace back the steps of your journey. I couldn’t agree more, for me, I have to be passionate about what I am doing and it needs to serve a purpose so I resonate, thank you for sharing. So were are nearly done now, my next question would be, to anyone else out there wanting to become an entrepreneur, what advice would you give them today?

Ramona: Well if you find something you love, people will love it too. Just believe in yourself, you know the rest will follow and replace all the negative thoughts with positives.

Lisa-Marie: Short, sweet and to the point. I would certainly say though, positive talk is one of the most important parts of my journey. What you put out there will return like a boomerang otherwise, so, play nice with yourself, you know? So, Ramona's next question, how do you define success, if you defined it all?

Ramona: Happiness, I define success as happiness. It's all about how you feel at the end of the day and how you wake up in the morning. How you feel throughout the day, at the end of the day….happiness! 

Lisa-Marie: Happiness is key, to health and wealth. Great answer. Okay, so final question. What is on the horizon for you, what are you working towards or what are you looking to achieve next?

Ramona: Well hopefully a trip to the UK you know I'd pay you a visit or a trip to the States, for you huh? Haha just being silly. Well currently you know I am just going to work on a new design for Dabdis, anticipating a new release before summer. Then you know we have Vital Yous’ bath bombs in a couple of international countries. Wed love to expand their products into other cities. We have some projects in the works for Australia and Mexico. So you know overall whether it being cannabis, hemp or clothing item, anything I work on or revolve around helping someone feel well and confident in their skin.

Lisa-Marie: Exciting times ahead then, all the wheels are turning your end and that is great. I know how you like keeping busy. Ramona, it has been delightful connecting with you. I can't help but say I feel inspired after speaking with you and I trust that your words will connect with many more aspiring individuals out there, encouraging them to live up to their true potential and purpose all whilst in gratitude. On that note, I am wishing you a super International Women's Day and every other day after that. I am sure we will speak soon anyway and it certainly would be a treat to reconnect in person soon so keep an eye on the calendar.

Ramona: Lisa thank you for hosting this event it was wonderful to connect. I do hope that our words encourage anyone out there who might be thinking to take the next step in their journey to independence and purpose. Remember, you don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take that first step. Happy International Women’s Day everyone. 

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March 10, 2022 — Roshie Rahrow