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Hemp Botanics, Portobello Road, London is now stocking the very sophisticated, British brand, Infused Amphora on our shelves.

Hemp Botanics prides itself on offering products that are natural, effective and from brands that can provide full supply chain transparency. You can shop with peace of mind for CBD at Hemp Botanics. We take the time to review all aspects of the brand, their ethos and of course the product line before we stock them on our shelves and make them available to you, our customers.

Hemp Botanics prefers CBD Hemp derived from the Unites States of America, so it was a delight to learn that Infused Amphora, whilst a British brand, source their raw material sustainably from Colorado, USA. Interestingly, their team is made up of seriously focused, professional and friendly Canadians who we align well with our ethos.

They have done an amazing job at identifying what customers are looking for in terms of achieving their wellness goals. Infused Amphora’s products are THC free, contain a minimal, all natural ingredients list and as a standard; each batch of products they produce has a QR code located on their packaging for you to conveniently access the COA’s. We stand by our statement, ‘If it is not third party laboratory tested, it's not worth it’.

CBD for inhalation is not only an exceptionally effective delivery method, it is discreet and easy to use. Inhalation of CBD allows the extract to be delivered straight into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. Effects are typically felt within 2-10 minutes, unlike ingestion where effects may be felt within 60-90 minutes. The only additional benefit from ingestion is your dose could offer up to 8 hours of cover. Of all delivery methods, inhalation provides the most short-lived effects, only lasting up to an hour or so; however they are more readily available. For further information on delivery methods click here. Infused Amphora’s pen cartridges also contain terpenes which are essential oils that work in synergy with CBD and are known to affect mood. 

After our long standing line of products of inhalation from Pure Ratios CBD were discontinued we have been looking for a replacement. Infused Amphora is super clean, smooth and pleasantly uplifting for your system. Effects are noticeable but gentle.

We would describe our inhalation experience as:

  • Sophisticated
  • Gentle on the throat 
  • Effective
  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable 
  • Choice 

A risk of producing product lines containing all natural ingredients is their shelf life and volatility. Thankfully, Infused Amphora pride themselves on their formulations, storage and use by dates as they know this will affect customer experience.  

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If you want to learn more about Infused Amphora brand, our review of the 4 different effects and how we find using their hardware, please back for our upcoming blogs.

Hemp Botanics Review of Infused Amphora and Q&A with Infused Amphora.

January 10, 2022 — Roshie Rahrow