Lisa Reviews Infused Amphora CBD Vape - Inhale Collection

Disclaimer:  If you are new to products for inhalation and or you have any breathing-related condition, please check with your doctor and or us before making a purchase. We can talk you through alternative options where feasible.

Just like Hemp Botanics, Infused Amphora takes their corporate and environmental responsibility very seriously. This is one of the many reasons why we love their products.

Their current selection of Vape Cartidges offer 4 effects to choose from: 

The cartridges are conveniently colour coded, making them easier to identify. Infused Amphora vape batteries are slick & have a quality feel to them. I found fitting the device to the cartridge fairly straightforward. Just make sure you remove the rubber stopper from the base of the cartridge in advance.

Vape Pen Protective Case - Vegan Leather. 
In the past, I have allowed a fitted pen & cartridge to float around in my bag, I wouldn’t do this now & would not recommend it. The airhole to your cartridge will get filled with dust & dirt making it unhygienic. Having the carry case to hand resolved this for me as I don't have to clean it before every use. Looking through my bag for my loose pen took time, even having to empty the contents to finally locate it, the case gave me easy access as I could recognise it through its smooth outer texture. There is space to fit the battery charger inside giving you the option to carry everything needed for your day in one place.

Craftsman Vessel Vape Battery (510 Thread) 
You will need access to a USB port to charge the battery. I’d recommend charging the pen when new & before use to see the true battery life, Infused Amphora also recommends this in the packaging insert. The connecting point of the charger & the pen is very user friendly, they have magnets which makes for less fidgeting around. I found that for those who have less fine motor skills wanting to try inhalation CBD products this is a great place to start.

Super effective at easing tension, a perfect blend with flavours of grapefruit & wood. I carry a lot of tension in my neck & shoulders, which stems from a busy mind. I literally sigh an ‘aha’ of relief. I would recommend this for self-reflecting or TLC time.

Inspire (my favourite)
The subtle lavender tones really got me! I gravitate towards this one for the flavour & effect. I would recommend this effect not only for creative flow but also for busy business-minded people & students. The instant calming sensation that it gave me allowed me to have more directed focus & I was sold.

Another great blend, I would describe the taste as sweet with diesel-like undertones. I really enjoyed this after a good workout as it gave me a warm blanket sensation. I would recommend using ‘Mend’ before and/or after some form of physical activity as it helped me with my endurance when using it before my workout, and it gave me the perfect amount of relaxation when using it afterwards.

Superb flavour profile I’d describe as piney, fruity & lemony. Very effective. I tend to work well into the early hours of the morning & for that it has been pretty amazing. My eyelids get too heavy to remain open! ‘It does what it says on the tin’. For anyone who struggles to fall asleep or who would like to take a nap, this is a very effective way to get yourself to nod off naturally & not have any ill side effects on waking. If you find the vape isn’t enough you can combine it with ZZZ high strength CBD drops.


The choice of effects made for an interesting & enjoyable experience. I find it interesting to ask which of the 4 effects our customers like best. It not only reminds me how unique we are but how different we feel each day resulting in varied emotional, mental & physical states; leading me to swap the cartridges out depending on these factors. CBD by inhalation is exceptionally effective. The onset is by far one of the fastest-acting delivery methods to date. (effects of the CBD & terpenes blends are felt between 2 & 10 minutes after inhalation.)

This is where the quality of ingredients & hardware becomes important. As long term health benefits have not been established, Infused Amphora’s emphasis on quality control offers a product that gives its users the peace of mind they need when considering their choice. These products contain no nicotine, their flavour profile is gentle on the back of the throat & generally pleasant. They make for a perfect fit as an alternative to the Extract Labs vape cartridges we currently stock.

Infused Amphora’s inhale collection are made with minimal ingredients: broad-spectrum CBD distillate & terpenes. Terpenes are hydrocarbon compounds essential oils that can be extracted from plants. Each effect-base cartridge contains different terpenes which are described on the packaging & product page. Using this information I was able to explore the collection throughout my day depending on my mood or activity. After about 4 days of use, I found I was able to pick & choose what suited me best.

FYI, the terpene content inside these products are sensitive to heat & using a high-temperature setting could ruin the experience. To really appreciate the flavour, I’d recommend using a low-temperature setting.

I found that ‘Inspire’ worked best with me, maybe because I run & manage a business I am always relying on my creativity to guide me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all the effects offered and let me tell you, ‘ZZZ’ works well when I find myself overworking myself and and in need of rest. I am proud that Hemp Botanics is able to offer these products to our customers as we would have it no other way.

You may find it interesting that we also stock Infused Amphora’s ZZZ high strength CBD drops for nighttime use. This product is made from CBD isolate & natural terpenes. It was about time to offer oil that was based on sleep & that we felt comfortable taking ourselves. We are very pleased with our choice of ZZZ CBD drops. Ultimately, I have honestly enjoyed my experience using Infused Amphoras CBD vape - inhale collectionas the products are both nurturing & affordable.

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January 24, 2022 — Roshie Rahrow