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NEW YEAR, NEW MOON, Set your intentions

We have just experienced another couple of full moons. The most recent being the 2nd of January offering a new super WOLF moon opposing the Sun in Capricorn asking us to find balance in our emotions and our responsibilities, our home and our career, our inner Mother and father. This is beautifully emotional lunation! 
I have always shared an infinity with the moon, the sun, the stars and all that our universe and nature has to offer and it has been a truly fulfilling / rewarding experience introducing, the Sisters of the Valley CBD line of products to the UK. We have been overwhelmed with interest and positive feedback from the use of their products that ranges from salves, to soaps and oils. Coming soon, gel caps, palo Santo, sage smudging sticks and limited edition fingerless crocheted hand gloves ! 
If you have not set your intentions for 2018, right now would be a perfect time. You can write down your plans and or goals in a bullet list and stick it up on your refrigerator and or mirror so that you can mantra these over, only when in a positive mood !
Sisters of the Valley work in accordance with the our lunar cycles and you can always see on the base of their products, the moon cycle under which said product was produced ! How delightful, especially if one purchases a Sisters of the Valley product from Hemp Botanics and the moon cycle under which it has been produced resonates with the user in more ways than one ! 
Keep checking back on this section as I am keen to learn more and share my findings as well as develop and evolve our range of feminine products ! To give you an idea we recently introduced CBDistillery 50mg full spectrum suppositories and coming soon to Hemp Botanics, Foria Wellness - all natural sensual ladies lube !
The next full moon takes place on the 31st January 2018. There are NO full moons in February ! There are New Moons on the 17th of January and 15th of February, respectively.
(Sisters of the Valley taken on the 2nd of January 2018 first full moon of the year, Ice Moon batch closed, ceremonies held on two continents, Aotearoa and Turtle Island - photo credit Jamie Riley)

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