NFL Champion Reggie Williams Testimonial On Pure Ratios Patches

Two years ago, when I first heard about Pure Ratios, I was on crutches. I was on crutches after enduring 24 right knee operations to save my leg.  After 14 years being in the National Football League my body had simply begun to fall apart. To give you an idea from my toes to my head, I will give a brief breakdown of all of the areas that the Pure Patch natural medicine combined with scientific excellence has created a difference maker in my ability to deal with pain and inflammation.

The Osteomyelitis that I suffered from for several years took away 3 inches of length in my right leg. On top of that, four years ago, the G forces created bone spurs in my baby toes which both had to be removed. It was then discovered that I still had a broken bone in my right foot from 1985 when I was still playing on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Both knees had to be replaced because I was born bow legged. After the bilateral knee operation, I went from 6 feet tall to 6’1”. Currently I am 6’1” on my left leg but only 5’10 on the right leg due to the devastating effects of Osteomyelitis and how the prosthetic, once it was implanted, had impaled itself up into my femur. My calf muscles were flapped up, one after another, to fill in the gapping hole in my leg from the degradation of flesh from the Osteomyelitis. It resulted with them cutting from my achilles up until the full gastroc.  

It had been my flexibility that helped navigate through the discomfort of having one leg 3 inches shorter than the other. That resulted in me working each and every day in stretching. At some point in time, I overdid it trying to gain a semblance of equanimity between my right side, which was still curved, and my leg side that was still straight. Unfortunately that resulted in an aorta dissection, which is open-heart surgery. They opened my sternum and saved my life. A year and half ago I also had a stroke. So all of the things that are allowing me to stand today are the benefits of one patch that has made a tremendous difference in a whole lifetime of problems and adversity that I have had to overcome.


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August 29, 2018 — Nicolas Ellis