Enhance Self-pleasure - A Guest Blog By Elizabeth Hart from Apples and Pears Co

Valentine's Day can often make us feel terribly single or terribly pressured into being romantic. I’m all for scheduled date nights and making time for self-pleasure as well as partnered sex. But it’s pretty unrealistic for most of us to schedule an evening full of romance this Valentine’s Day.

First of all, it falls on a Monday. I’ll be rushing about trying to feed the kids in that tiny window of time between school pick up and club drop off. I won’t be considering romance, nor will I be going for a beautiful over-priced dinner with a handsome gentleman I’ve recently been enjoying sex with. What I will be doing is massaging my vulva in Foria Awaken arousal oil with CBD and then enjoying some wonderful self-pleasure. That’s after story-time, running a bath, enjoying a long soak and waiting until the children are asleep first!

I must confess, I have always been anti-Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s because I’m eternally single and occasionally feel envious of those deeply in love. Or perhaps my dislike for declarations of love stitched onto tiny polyester teddy bears has clouded my judgement. But in recent years, I have reevaluated my dislike and enjoyed treating myself to various Valentine's Day gifts to enhance my self-pleasure. Since discovering the joy of St. Valentine’s, and indeed the joy of guiltless purchases (because money is no object in the name of love and self-love!), I have discovered CBD.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. What the heck is she talking about? Why is she rubbing CBD oil over her vulva? Well, it is absolutely marvellous! Let me tell you why. CBD promotes increased blood flow, which, of course, is a vital part of arousal and sexual pleasure. It also relaxes muscles and eases tension. How delighted was I when I discovered Foria CBD bath salts? Incredibly delighted!

Bathing has always been a part of my sexual wellness routine. I start with a bath and finish with an orgasm. If you, or indeed your partner, enjoy the sensual side of bathing, Foria CBD bath salts are a must-have Valentine’s Day gift. Teamed with Foria’s arousal oils, lubes and suppositories, you are in for an incredible experience, not just on Valentine's Day, but whenever you take the time to be intimate with yourself or a partner.

So, this Valentine's Day, let’s invest in our intimate relationships with ourselves and our partners. Rather than buying polyester teddy bears and overpriced chocolates, buy them something unforgettable.

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- Elizabeth Hart, Apples and Pears Co





February 07, 2022 — Roshie Rahrow