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‘Weed Nuns’ Sisters of the Valley products available in the U.K.

Hemp Botanics are the UK’s first supplier of “Sisters of the Valley” cannabis products, available from September 15 at their London Portobello Road shop and online at www.hempbotanics.com.

The full spectrum and naturally terpene rich products include balms and oils made primarily from non-psychoactive strains of the cannabis plant called Cannabidiol, or CBD. They are 100% legal for retail sale in the UK due to their classification as hemp products.
October 10 2017 | UK
“Sisters of the Valley” are a US-based brand developed by Sister Kate of Merced, California. Their products gained international attention after being dubbed the “weed nuns,”

Sister Kate - (photo credit Jamie Riley)

Kate said she founded the convent in 2011 after learning of Michelle Obama's efforts to revamp the nutrition of school lunches. "Michelle Obama tried to talk to Congress about how unhealthy our children's meals are," she said.

"Congress declared pizza a vegetable because it made our children's meals look healthier than they are. So I declared myself a nun. I said, 'If pizza is a vegetable, I'm a nun.'"

The self-proclaimed “Sisters” combine science and activism into their work, inserting “prayer and healing into every bottle and jar.”
The sisters quickly grabbed the attention of an international audience with their charismatic appearance, sporting a nun’s full habit. However their main focus is drawing attention to their carefully crafted, lab-tested products -- even going so far as to control production between moon cycles.

Autumn Harvest moon ceremony - (photo credit Jamie Riley)

Sister Kate says her life’s mission is to erase the negative stigma around the cannabis plant while also helping to create jobs for women who have benefited from its healing powers. They are delighted to have Hemp Botanics as their British retailer.

“It is our dream to have ‘weed nuns’ in every town and province across the planet within the next two decades. Having companies like Hemp Botanics carrying our products creates a path for us to start our sisterhood in new lands.

 We are very grateful to have Lisa-Marie and Hemp Botanics representing our line. It is our mission to the get the plant-based medicine to the most amount of people, in the most responsible manner, and we are proud to have distributors who take that responsibility seriously and in doing so, help us meet our goals,” said Sister Kate.


Hemp Botanics co-founder, Lisa-Marie said: “The Sisters work really appeals to us because, like us, they have a genuine love of Hemp and helping people.
When that passion persists throughout the process, we can ensure we are providing customers with something more than just a product.

I personally very much gravitate towards their overall spiritual outlook; that there is a sacred element. The vows they take and their commitment to planet-friendly sustainability is a value we proudly share with our own customers.”

sisters of the valley products available at www.hempbotanics.com

’Weed nuns’ - (photo credit Jamie Riley)

To learn more about the Hemp Botanics, Sisters of the Valley products, or to book an interview, contact Lisa-Marie (co-founder) at Hemp Botanics on +44(0)208 354 9179

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