CBG Isolate 1000mg


Extract Labs’ CBG Isolate is pure cannabigerol in crystalline powder form. CBG (cannabigerol) has been called “the stem cell of the hemp plant”. When a young hemp seed first begins to sprout, it produces CBGa (cannabigerol acid). As the plant grows and begins to reach maturity, it starts converting CBGa into THCa and CBDa, which in turn convert to the THC and CBD molecules we are familiar with.

So why aren’t there many CBG products out there? Simple. CBG is found in levels of <1% of most hemp plants. However, modern growing practices have yielded plants with much higher percentages of CBG. Combine that with the unrivalled expertise of Extract Labs’ scientists, their state-of-the-art extraction processes, and they are able to produce pure CBG.

Available size: 1 Gram (0.03oz)
Potency: 1000mg CBG/g

Ingredients: Pure CBG Isolate

  • 99% CBG / 1000mg CBG/g
  • CO2-extracted
  • THC Free
  • American hemp
  • Lab-tested

Suggested Use

Isolate is one of the most versatile products on the market. It can be vaped, dabbed, or added to your favourite topical product, such as lotions, creams, and salves, to give some added benefits. There isn’t much it can’t be used for!

The recommended portion of isolate is 33mg, which is an amount about the size of a grain of rice. Isolate is very concentrated, so a little bit will go a long way!

This product is not for consumption. For vapourising and cosmetic use only.

This product has been laboratory tested. Click here to see its certificate of analysis (COA).

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    Ed S.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    CBG Isolate for good value

    This CBG isolate is a great product which can be combined with CBD for greater effect. Much like CBD isolate this can be used before and after exercise. Very effective when both are used together and there is no concern of loosing energy or focus with isolates. As with all isolates only a small amount is needed, can be used directly in food and drinks. Useful if you don't have a vapouriser or need to be discrete

    Ed S.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    A nice product

    My recent CBG purchase was definitely worthwhile. A nice, versatile product which can be added directly to food, drink ointments and taken sublingualy. I vapourise it which gives me immediate, potent relief. As is always stated with isolate, very little goes a long way. A great product to use on the go or in places where vapourising may not be possible. It appears that in combination with CBD it has a beneficial effect. There has clearly been some research already conducted on CBG which is very promising. Though it will be interesting to follow a large area of CBG research yet to be done in the next few years.