96 Hour Transdermal CBD Patch x5 (40mg each)

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Pure Ratios brings you easy, long-acting relief with their sophisticated and discreet award-winning transdermal patch. Get consistent direct delivery of highly bioavailable CBD that's chemical-free and lasts longer than any other patch on the market.

  • Unique Reservoir yielding up to 96 hours use. No need to put on a new patch multiple times a day
  • The topical delivery of CBD bypasses the digestive process for undiluted absorption of cannabinoids directly 
  • A water-proof adhesive stays put to allow prolonged adhesion to the skin surface. You can just set it and forget it for up to 96 hours
  • Naturally pure, additive-free, and hypoallergenic
  • Packed with natural ingredients to give you extra benefits: virgin avocado oil, extra virgin coconut oil, virgin sweet almond oil, aloe, and shea olein
  • 5 patches

IMPORTANT NOTICE to all first-time patch users

When you apply the patch to the skin, only apply pressure to the sticky circumference around the central reservoir. You do not want to apply pressure to the central reservoir as it may release the oils into the sticky circumference that in turn will prevent your patch from sticking.

Apply your patch to a part of the body that is robust like the back of the buttocks, top of the foot where there is a high vein, or on a site such as the back of the knee or lower back. Choose a hair-free, clean area, shave clean if necessary and dry before you apply.

To remove your patch, apply some oil to the patch to loosen the glue or soak it in the tub before attempting to remove it.


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Aloe Polysaccharides*, Sunflower Lecithin, Virgin Sweet Almond Oil*, Virgin Red Palm Oil*, Shea Olein, Virgin Avocado Oil, Hemp Extract. (*Organic) No Artificial Additives

This product has been laboratory tested. Click here to see its certificate of analysis (COA).

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United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great priduct

Gives me relief when. I get a fibro myalgia episode and also for my back pain.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Would but again

I wasn't sure if the patches were actually working, to help with the post surgical pain of gallbladder removal, until I removed it and tried to go to sleep! I was much more uncomfortable and sore, and sleep was impossible, so I reapplied a new patch and went to sleep, feeling relieved! It's a pity they're so expensive! I purchased mine on the sale, and only have one left....but I'll recommend these to family and friends.

Liam P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

So far so good amazing really......

..... Great product in terms of pain relief better than drops under the tongue. The patches are indeed waterproof and do last a good two days three at push. Affordability vs quality cheaper without comprise would be great

Sue W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Well it worked for me!

I decided to try these patches for white coat anxiety..dental appt. Put it on two days before..sailed through the appt...calmest one ever! Took the patch off after 4 days...it would have stuck much longer. Would use patches again.

United Kingdom

Immediate Pain Relief

Great product - expensive but fabulous targeted pain relief - I use regularly on my hip (laberal tear) and shoulder (rotator cuff injury)