Commitment to Quality Without Compromise

Hemp Botanics is dedicated to providing the UK, Europe and beyond with the finest quality and most ethically sourced, 100% legal and natural, third party laboratory tested, hemp based products. The company has earned credibility as a trusted provider and wholesaler of all-natural, US grown hemp products from some of the best brands in the industry.

Hemp Botanics was founded by the true pioneers of the UK CBD market, after one of whom was able to manage his life changing and debilitating conditions with a change in diet and the introduction of phytocannabinoids, such as CBD. After this successful journey, he then went on to help and advise many others which organically led to the creation of the business.

"We strongly believe in the properties of hemp and cannabis, and strive to make it safe and accessible for everyone. We only sell products that contain American Hemp derived cannabinoids because we firmly believe that it is, genetically, some of the finest hemp in the world." 

Hemp Botanics has very good relationships with select members of Parliament, including the House of Lords, who have direct contact with the MHRA and the FSA. All operations are conducted with complete transparency and the full knowledge and understanding of the British government and associated regulatory bodies.

Hemp Botanics ensures that of the brands it stocks, only the highest quality growing procedures are maintained, all organic materials are used, and that only the best extraction processes and quality control measures are practiced.

"At Hemp Botanics we are actively working to facilitate the global drive for a sustainable future. We understand that it is our responsibility to be conscious of our planet, and the environmental impact businesses have on it. As such, our supplier audit ensures that we primarily stock brands which have sustainable supply chains, use certified organic and/or fairtrade ingredients, and have an environmentally friendly ethos." 

All Hemp Botanics stocked products are third-party laboratory tested to determine their cannabinoid profile and hemp extract potency, including full tests for safety and contaminants. This ensures that every batch of product meets our strict standards for quality and consistency. Our quality control consistently exceeds current market standards, and we are able to provide a laboratory report for each product by batch number, guaranteeing you will get credible products containing exactly what is stated on the label.


"Every CBD product we stock has been third party laboratory tested to the highest possible standards for complete peace of mind. If it isn't third party laboratory tested then it isn't worth the risk"


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