About Us

Welcome to Hemp Botanics! We are glad you found us as we are here to fulfil all your CBD needs. With a dedication to making CBD safe and accessible for all, we were established in 2014 after one of our founders introduced phytocannabinoids into their diet and daily routine as a way of managing their life-altering and debilitating conditions. As cannabinoid specialists with over 15 years combined experience, we provide a selection of the finest quality and most ethically sourced hemp-derived products from some of the best brands in the industry (now including our own!). Most importantly, we share the knowledge required to fully understand CBD and maximise its potential benefits.

"We only source products and offer services that we would seek to use ourselves" 

Our Vision

Legal and THC free

Our products are legal and contain no THC whatsoever, so while they won’t make you high, they may make you happy.

We care about your health

Our products boast clean, natural and wherever possible, organic ingredients, and are third-party laboratory tested for quality.

We care about each other

We only source products and offer services that we would seek to use ourselves because we all deserve the best.

We care about the planet

We are committed to working towards a greener future by reducing our carbon footprint and being more sustainable.


"Every CBD product we stock has been third party laboratory tested to the highest possible standards for complete peace of mind."