CBD Isolate 1000mg


Extract Labs award-winning CBD Isolate is pure cannabidiol in crystalline powder form. Isolate is great to work with as an ingredient as you can precisely measure the CBD, and unlike a full spectrum extract, it doesn’t impart any scent or flavour. For those who either must avoid THC at all costs or who simply prefer to work with CBD independent from other plant compounds, this CBD Isolate is a perfect go-to. Whether you are creating a custom formulated topical or adding it to your vape liquid, CBD Isolate makes for a quick and easy boost. Extract Labs CBD Isolate won Best Isolate from Grow Hemp Colorado’s Consumer Choice Awards. Extracted in Boulder, Colorado from American Hemp.

Available size: 1 Gram (0.03oz)
Potency: 1000mg CBD/g

Ingredients: Pure CBD Isolate

  • 99% CBD / 1000mg CBD/g
  • CO2-extracted
  • THC Free
  • American hemp
  • Lab-tested

Suggested Use

Isolate is one of the most versatile products on the market. It can be vaped, dabbed, or added to your favourite topical product, such as lotions, creams and salves, to give some added benefits. There isn’t much it can’t be used for!

The recommended portion of isolate is 33mg, which is an amount about the size of a grain of rice. Isolate is very concentrated, so a little bit will go a long way!

This product is not for consumption. For vapourising and cosmetic use only.