Essential Cocoa


Dragonfly Earth Medicine has blended the most important ingredients on the planet to bring you a delicious hot cocoa with healing benefits. Their delicious Cocoas; Essential Cocoa and Herbal Essential Cocoa, are Adaptogenic and Longevity Elixirs that encourage ultimate healing response.

Essential Cocoa 227g / 8oz. ~ Contains: Organic blend of reishi, chaga, cordyceps, cacao, evaporated cane juice and cinnamon. This brew is an instant drink with very little sweetness (just to mellow out the bitterness of the raw cocoa). It is lovely with the richness of the cinnamon. You can add whatever milk that you would like to invoke the taste of milk chocolate. *no mushroom flavour.

All Cocoas can be used as a hot cocoa drink, put into a smoothie for added nutrients, made into instant truffles with coconut oil and/or added to any recipe in place of regular cocoa.